There’s modesty and then there’s just plain silliness, and that’s exactly what we thought when we caught wind that American Idol’s Phillip Phillips thinks he’s “not a great singer.”
IfPress caught up with the Season 11 champ while opening for Matchbox Twenty’s North American tour where he attempted to downplay his vocal abilities.
“I’m not a great singer,” said Phillip. “I think I can carry a tune but I’m nothing amazing. But, like with the music, I feel like I can do something else with it.”

As Randy Jackson always says, Idol is a singing competition, so it’s safe to say the guy’s got some chops. We love the “aww shucks” attitude but, with a debut album that’s gotten top billing on the charts and a single that’s reached the No. 1 spot an impressive six times, the world begs to differ with the overly-humble P-Squared.