Phillip Phillips was often praised for his performances while on American Idol, but he hopes Mariah Carey and potential new Season 12 judge Nicki Minaj will be harder on the contestants than the panel from Season 11.

Speaking to MTV, he said, “I would say I hope they're a little more critical … because there were some times when I performed, especially on 'Time of the Season,' man, my ears went out, but that's live television, I can't just stop the song, so I just pushed through it as best as I could and then they gave me good feedback and I was like 'Come on guys, it was horrifying.' So, I'd like for there to be a little more criticism on the show."

As for who might dish that tough love out, he suspects Mariah could have demanding side. “She’s amazing, and I’m curious to see if she's going to be very critical, like almost mean, or if she's going to be really nice, and like 'No sweetie, it's just not right',” said Phillip.

When it comes to Nicki, he thinks “she might be very critical, or she might not be."

Is P2 right? Should the new crop of judges be tougher on the contestants than last year’s?

Credit: MTV Photo: Phillip Phillips Wants Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj to Be Tough Judges on American Idol