American Idol winner Phillip Phillips might be living life on the road like the platinum record-holding artist that he is, but back home his biggest fan sure is missing him.

In an emotional new interview with local South Georgia news station WALB 10, Phillip’s dad, Donnie Phillips, praised his son’s recent Today Show appearance.

“He looked good on TV today, and I think he’s gained a little weight, which he needed to do,” said Donnie, alluding to Phillip continued recovery from an operation he underwent at the beginning of the summer to address chronic kidney stones.

Having to watch it all from afar, though, has left Donnie a little sad.

“He hadn’t been home in a year, I mean it’s all year, it’s tough!” he said.

While Phillip does try to reach out to his family when he has time in between American Idols Live! tour stops, Donnie said it’s always brief. Their last conversation lasted for about a minute.

“Whenever we get a call from him or we call him and get him, somebody’s always hollering at him,” he said. “He’ll text us, ‘I love ya’ll, miss ya’ll, gotta go.’ We appreciate the text, but we wanna hear your voice.”

Donnie teared up as he added, “There’s one day that you gon’ wake up and wish that you can hear that phone ring and at the end of that phone could be the voice that you really care about.”, Albany News, Weather, Sports
Credit: WALB News Photo: Phillip Phillips's Dad Donnie Phillips Tells WALB News He Misses His Son

Source: WALB

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