So you think Mariah Carey's $18 million American Idol paycheck made your jaw drop? According to new reports, Katy Perry was offered an astonishing $20 million to appear as a judge on Idol — but the "Teenage Dream" chanteuse turned down the offer.

TMZ reports that Idol producers have been courting Katy for several weeks — allegedly, they began the offer at $18 million, but when Katy didn't appear interested, they offered her a whopping $20 million. But that didn't sweeten the deal for Katy, for whom it wasn't about the money in the first place — she just didn't think it was the "right career choice for her." 

Admittedly, with the success of her new film Part of Me 3D and her bajillion-times platinum-selling album Teenage Dream, it's safe to say that Katy doesn't need the money — but still, a plush judging spot on Idol? Guess someone else will be joining Mariah at the table!

Source: TMZ