Credit: MJ's Big Blog Photo: James Durbin's Album Cover for Memories of a Beautiful Disaster

Mark your calendars, Durbinators! American Idol alum James Durbin’s debut album Memories of a Beautiful Disaster drops November 21, 2011.

His album cover was released today, and it’s everything we expected and then some.

James took to his Twitter to spread the good news to his fans, who he affectionately calls his “Beautiful Disasters.” (Kinda reminds us of Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters”!)

He’s also been leaking snippets of lyrics and album spoilers.

@DurbinRock: “I lost myself again, in the dead of the night, the dead of the night. On a chase of fate, as the world rushes by. Bound to collide...”  And: “SPOILER ALERT!!!!! The album is kind of a hybrid of Aerosmith & My Chemical Romance!”

Source: MJ’s Big Blog, Twitter