Credit: WENN Photo: Ryan Seacrest Celebrates New Year's Eve 2010 in Times Square

Internet meme sensation Ted Williams, otherwise known as “the Homeless Man with the Golden Voice,” joined Ryan Seacrest’s “On Air” radio program yesterday. The phone interview had Williams voicing warm thanks for the outpouring of love he’s received since the video of his impromptu radio audition lit up the Internet on fire a few days ago.

Formerly a working radio personality, Williams had fallen on hard times in recent years, losing his job and home. But a few days ago, a news team spotted him holding a sign saying he would speak in his amazing radio voice for spare change. Since the news story broke on the Internet, Williams has become a media sensation, receiving job offers left and right, appearing on NBC’s The Today Show and guesting tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Talk about the power of modern media!

Williams’ talent is truly remarkable. Our only question? Did Ryan offer him a guest spot on American Idol, the biggest venue for “rags to riches” stories in the world? Because we’re betting Mr. Velvet Fog could lay down a Barry White track like nobody’s business!


Credit: Photo: Ryan Seacrest Talks with Homeless Man About His Radio Quality Voice