Credit: American Idol on Facebook Photo: Ryan Seacrest Greets Idol Hopefuls at Season 10 Los Angeles Auditions

For far too long American Idol fans have had to share host Ryan Seacrest with his many other showbiz commitments. Ryan didn’t get his nickname “the hardest working man in showbiz” for nothing. These days, he’s hosting an E! channel program, his KIIS FM radio show, as well as many yearly television specials like “Dick Clark’s Rockin’s New Years’ Eve,” in addition to his Idol duties.

Then there’s Ryan’s production company. He’s oversees shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, and his upcoming new dance competition show starring Lady Gaga’s choreographer. And let’s not forget his personal life! Ryan is still hot ‘n’ heavy with rumored fiancée  Julianne Hough — he’s even made the New Years’ resolution to not check his Crackberry during meals.

So Kid Butterscotch basically couldn’t possibly put any more on his plate, right? Wrong! Dude’s totally gunning to create his own network to broadcast all the television shows he’s producing.

The workaholic pretty boy says,  “The idea is to try and come up with as many different shows as possible so that there would be an opportunity to have a network… That would be wonderful.” Wonderful for you, maybe! We’re tired just reading your schedule!

But Idol fans, don’t worry about losing your host to other commitments. There’s enough Ry-ry to go around for everyone.

Source: Access Hollywood