When someone gets your name wrong, it’s easy just to brush off the error. But not when you’re as well known as American Idol Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery.

During last night’s episode of Conan, a keen-eared fan named Andy pointed out that the popular late night host flubbed Scotty’s name during an on-air chat with actor Jack Black, calling him “Scotty McCreedy.” Not one to take criticism lightly, Conan insisted that he was in the right, and he even had a video to prove it!

In his “new” music video for the tune “You’re Wrong,” the singer waxed poetic about his recent name change to “Scotty McCreedy,” crooning “Conan’s right and you’re wrong” while defacing a cardboard cutout of the poor fan.

Watch the video below!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Scotty McCreery Changes His Name for Conan O'Brien

Source: MJ’s Big Blog, YouTube

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