Credit: Richie Buxo/Splash News and Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Photo: Lauren Alaina Wants to Work with Taylor Swift

Sorry, Scotty McCreery! Lauren Alaina revealed to Taste Of Country that when it comes to her first professional collaborator, she has her sights set pretty high. (Higher than Mr. McCreery, even.)

The country Idol has been writing songs since she was a small child. “[When I was a kid], my uncle’s wife had a car wreck and was in the hospital,” says Lauren, “so I wrote a song and sang it to her. My mom keeps all [of my songs], and my handwriting was horrible! You can tell I was a little kid.”

Although she’s been pretty busy making endless appearances at every country event in sight, Lauren’s ready to get back to music. “I’ve got to get back into it,” she says. “I want to write with Taylor Swift, but I think that’s kind of impossible.”

Hmm, maybe someone should tell Lauren that she’s a big star now and writing a song with Taylor is totally possible! And OMG, wouldn’t that just rock our Idol-loving hearts?!

Lauren then discussed the songs she’s working on for her debut, saying, “A few of them I’m really excited about. Country music’s really good about telling a story, so I want songs that tell good stories where people can say, ‘That happened to me.’”

But Ms. Alaina’s still unsure if we’ll hear a Lauren original her first time out: “If I could do some of my songs, that would be cool. But I have to do whatever is best for my album.”

We’re pretty sure a Taylor-Lauren duet would do wonders for record sales.

Source: Taste Of Country