Credit: FOX Photo: Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell Share a Moment in Season 6 of American Idol

Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul’s weird love/hate relationship made for some great television back when they were both judges on American Idol. Now, Simon and Paula are getting the bickering band back together as judges on The X-Factor. PEOPLE reports that Simon told Redbook: “From the minute I met Paula, I was fascinated by her.” And Paula knew it – she once told David Letterman “[Simon] is obsessed with me.”

This isn’t a case of unrequited love, however. Paula tweeted her excitement during the first taped judging last spring: “It's great to be around Simon again for real! :)) yes for real! … Simon & I got over the honeymoon period very quickly! Back to our good old relationship!”

Despite the rumors of Paula’s substance abuse, her litany of zany outfits, and bizarre instances of slurred and incoherent speech, Simon gushes about Paula: "She's a complex person, but – this is going to sounds very American – she's got a great heart.”

We can’t wait to see more of Paula’s “complexity” on The X Factor!

Source: PEOPLE