Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images Photo: Stefano Langone Belts It out at Mohammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night on March 19, 2011

Last week’s American Idol results episode showed an unusually mean-spirited moment that definitely had us scratching our heads. During one of the sit-down interview segments, Stefano Langone told Ryan Seacrest about how his mom still makes dinner for him at the Idol mansion. Then Ryan produced a container of leftover penne, with Stefano’s mom looking on. The moment was clearly staged as a joke-y moment that also creates an “Awww Factor” for Stefano, by showing he loves his mom.

But the infamous dish of penne made an appearance in the next segment, this time alongside a blustery Gordon Ramsey, who happened to be sitting in the audience. Ramsey was asked to sample the penne, and after he did, he turned his nose up and publicly insulted Stefano’s mom’s cooking skills, with Ryan laughing right along with him.

We thought the moment was very strange — especially for Idol Season 10, which thus far has been all about good feelings. And it turns out Stefano was none too happy about it either. He let his fans know about it in a series of tweets over the weekend:

@SLangoneAI10 Ohh for the record. It was not really my mothers food. It was all staged, and he kind of made himself look like a jerk for nothing
@SLangoneAI10 For the record!!! You can say what you want bout me, I don’t care what it is, but if it has to do wit my mom, my family don’t even mess
@SLangoneAI10  My moms looked upset cuz she was made to look bad for something that really had nothing to do wit her… sorry I’m venting now haha

We’re 100% on Stefano’s side on this one. It was bad form for Idol producers to invite Stefano’s mom on camera only to badmouth her cooking. Way to stick up for your mom, Stefano!

Source: Twitter