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Steven Tyler is famous for his unfiltered personality, among other things.

The former American Idol judge tested censors of the Today show when he accidentally let loose an F-bomb on live TV. As host Al Roker gave a weather report, Steven could be heard in the background yelling to fans who showed up to watch Aerosmith play an early morning set.

“Thanks for coming, you crazy f**ks,” Steven declared.

Al interrupted his own weather forecast to point out the slip, saying, “That’s why they haven’t done mornings.”

The singer also might have gotten his morning shows mixed up! As the camera panned to a shot of Steven and his bandmates in the Today studios, the frontman addressed viewers with a sing-songy “Good morning, America.”

Steven may be getting on in age, but we don’t think he’s senile quite yet.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Steven Tyler Drops an F-Bomb on the Today Show

Source: TMZ

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