Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Steven Tyler Brings Peace to American Idol

Steven Tyler called in to American Idol BFF Ryan Seacrest’s radio show today, and the “On Air” segment was a total love-fest. Tyler was his usual effusive self, saying he’s “smothered in hot heapings of happiness” to be on the hit show with Ryan.

When asked what he thinks is behind the obvious chemistry between him and fellow judges Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, Tyler said, “We all admire each other. That’s a major thing. When you look at someone in awe, that transcends. It just turns into an energy.”

Then Ry-ry downshifted into Aerosmith talk, asking the rocker how being on Idol differs from touring the world with the legendary rock band. Tyler said, “You know Aerosmith is whole different thing… the energy behind that, there’s nothing stronger than that. [The Idol judging panel] is like how the band was way back at the beginning, when we’re just getting along, and we’re feeling the magic unfold.” We wonder what Joe Perry thinks of that last statement!

Steven then got a little tripped up when he was trying to articulate what his “dream outcome” for Idol Season 10 would be. He got a little confused about how many finalists there will be at the end of judging, saying, “Well, when we get them down to… What do we whittle them down to? Can someone fill me in?”

Ryan laughed, saying “This is what I love about Steven! He’s like, ‘Where do I go? What time is the show on?’” The pair signed off with Tyler telling Ry-ry twice, “I love you, Brother!”

Awww, we love it when people get along! Bet you never thought you’d hear us admit that, huh? Idol Season 10 is clearly all about the good feelings, and we say, what’s wrong with that?

Source: AI Now