Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Steven Tyler Brings Peace to American Idol
Following Friday's scandalous video leak of Miley Cyrus smoking Salvia from a bong in her L.A. apartment, Idol judge Steven Tyler offered the benefit of his own extensive experience to Cyrus, while admitting he knows nothing of the substance in question. Currently in recovery from addictions to various narcotics, Tyler offered these words of wisdom to the beleaguered teen pop star:

"I don’t know what [Salvia] is, I never heard of it. If Miley is smoking that, tell her to call me."

Salvia is a psychoactive herb that is legal in California, and the incident occurred days after Cyrus turned 18. The international pop star is, therefore, in no legal trouble, though the PR backlash has already been considerable.

We think Miley's better off turning to her own dad Billy Ray for advice. Save the judging for American Idol, Steven!

Source: Contact Music