Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Photo: Steven Tyler Appears at Macy's Herald Square

American Idol judge Steven Tyler has never had a particularly good filter — but even we were surprised when he opened up about his fellow judge Jennifer Lopez's separation from Marc Anthony during a recent appearance.

Us Weekly chatted with the rocker on October 14 at Macy's Herald Square, where he reported that Jennifer is "as fine as can be" following her separation from Marc this past July. Despite the emotional strain of the split, Steven says, Jennifer seems better than ever: "She's gorgeous," he said. (Well, we already knew that!) "She's exuding this energy and this pulse from her heart... [She's] jumping into new ventures, be that her clothing line or the next [Idol] contestant, or a boyfriend or her babies." A boyfriend? Could Jennifer really be getting back on the market?

Admittedly, we know to take Steven with a grain of salt — that "pulse from her heart line" is characteristically touchy-feely for the judge who rarely had an unkind word to say about any idol contestants — but still, it's heartening to hear that Jennifer's continuing to weather the storm gracefully. Of course, given that Jennifer and Marc were married for over seven years, they'll always have a tie that bonds them together. "She still has Marc," Steven said. "They've just been married too long."

And despite those persistent diva rumors, he says Jennifer remains "very sweet." Aww — were we alone in always wanting to believe that she would manage to stay grounded as the amounts rolled in? Consider it confirmed!

Source: Us Weekly