Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Steven Tyler and Mickey Mouse Match at the Premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on May 7, 2011

It seems like only yesterday we were wondering what kind of judge Steven Tyler would make when Season 10 of American Idol started. Now we know: Steven is an over-the-top nice guy who says things that are goofy, preposterous, puzzling, and endlessly entertaining. We sat through even the most boring performances in hopes he’d say something we could jot down in our spirit journals. Check out some of our favorite Tyler-isms. Boom shakalakalaka, baby!

Like that’s every stopped you before
Milwaukee auditions: “Well, hellfire, save matches, f*** a duck and see what hatches! …  I'm not allowed to say that?"

Can someone get us a Tyler-to-English dictionary?
New Jersey auditions: "What's with the juju bees on your ooh ooh bees?"

Why must J.Lo be the butt of everyone’s jokes?
Austin auditions: “Am I nervous doing this? You bet your booty. Talking about Jennifer, anyway…”

Steven’s as illuminating as a lava lamp
Top 13 performance show: “It built from the beginning to the end... by the time it ended, it was just soaring like a volcano; that was beautiful.”

So that’s Gwytneth’s Paltrow’s secret
Top 12 performance show: “To be crazy and talented and have it all together, that’s the goop the great stuff is made from.”

Steven Tyler’s type: statuesque
Top 9 performance show: (After smooching his likeness at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) “Second-prettiest bust I kissed all day!”

And now we’re scarf-ed for life
Top 8 performance show (to Haley Reinhart): “That thing you got on is gorgeous, too — here’s to looking up your old address.”

But think of how prepared you’ll be for the zombie apocalypse...
Top 7 performance show (to James Durbin): “Stay out of my closet! Mad Max meets Stormtroopers on Melrose, right? You’d be surprised at how expensive it costs to look this cheap.”

Bible thumper
Top 5 performance show (to Scotty McCreery): “Until now, you've been like a Puritan, but I swear to God I saw you dance with the devil tonight.”

We actually don’t want to know the answer to that question
Top 4 performance show: "Dude, you made Gaga's yaya go lala! How could you do that?"

Credit: YouTube Photo: Must-See Video! Steven Tyler's Best American Idol Moments