Credit: Michael Becker/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Amy Brumfield in Season 11, Episode 1: Savannah Auditions

Way back on December 14, Amy Jean Brumfield -- a.k.a., Tent Girl -- posted on Facebook that on Group Night in Hollywood, her group "fell apart at the last minute" and she was on her way back to Tennessee. Whoa! Surprising that Fox did not catch this revelation. And on December 24, when a friend asked why she was home so soon, she continued by admitting on Facebook that "you guys should know i don't work well with others.... group day i got eliminated." Amy, whose rendition of Alicia Keys' "Superwoman" wowed the judges during auditions, also captured public attention with her backstory: she is unemployed and lives with her boyfriend in a tent in the woods near Gatlinburg. The backstory expanded into less-than-heartwarming territory when it was also revealed that she has a rap sheet -- at least five arrests since 2005, including two for public intoxication. Thanks to starzuncut to alerting us to the latest with Tent Girl!

Credit: Facebook Photo: Amy Jean Brumfield (aka Tent Girl) Reveals American Idol Elimination on Facebook