If you’re like us and judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson American Idol finalist Phillip Phillips’ performance of the original tune “Home” on tge Season 11 finale left you wondering where that gem of a song came from exactly. Since his first performance of the song on the show, "Home" has become the best selling American Idol single ever. So how did this monster hit come about?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the song was penned by Drew Pearson, who didn’t make the song specifically for P2. Rather, it was initially written with UK singer Greg Holden in mind. Drew submitted the track to Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine as a possible finale number for the show.

“Jimmy heard it and loved it and that was it,” he told THR of the single which has drawn comparisons to the sound of indie folk rockers Mumford & Sons.

Drew was very pleased with the way Phillip interpreted his song and the roars of approval from audience members.

“It’s hard to describe it’s not just watching Phillip, it’s watching people’s reactions,” Drew explained. “[The song] ended up being perfect for him.”

He also worked on the studio recorded version of “Home” by Phillip and said the young singer did “an amazing job.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Phillip Phillips Sing “Home” in the 2012 American Idol Finale (Flashback!)