During last night’s episode of Duets, one thing became quite clear Robin Thicke can be counted on for an oddball comment or two. Or, in this case, five.

Here are our five favorite Robin Thicke-isms from Season 1, Episode 2 of Duets.

Praise for Meleana Brown
“You know when you get a sandwich with too much onion, not enough mustard, and they forget the cheese? Well your sandwich had just the right amount of onion… and you threw provolone on there too!”

Perfect 10 for J Rome
“You get a 10 for your presence and a 10 for your pelvic thrusting.”

Obviously, eh?
“You and I obviously have a sensual attraction.”

Why Duets is Cool
“I like the free concerts I get to sit in on with Jennifer, Kelly, and John every week.”

Bridget Carrington Looks Yummy
“That dress makes you look like a bag of Skittles… And I definitely love Skittles.”

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