We’re fast becoming huge fans of Robin Thicke-isms on Duets. In Season 1, Episode 3, he managed to again pull out quite a few of them. Even host Quddus and his fellow judges were just waiting for the next quotable from their co-star, and he didn’t fail them or us tonight.

Here are our five favorite Thicke-isms from this week’s show.

“We’re the underdogs. I’m the underdog on the show. I’m the least known one on the show.”

Cut Me a Slice of That
“She looked tasty as pie right there.”

When I Get that Feelin’
“What I love about this show is that somebody does a Marvin Gaye song every week.”

Making Root Canals Sexy
“My dad wanted me to be a dentist.”

Um, Okay...
“You gotta put in the part that I love Skittles… You just left out all the love in the house.”

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