For many years, the powers that be at American Idol have had an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality about the voting system.

Of course, now that other singing shows like The Voice and The X Factor have come onto the scene, Idol finally started making some changes. The biggest has been the “Judges Save,” which some have speculated was to prevent a voting snafu, like when fan favorite Chris Daughtry was sent home during Season 5.  

According to MJsBigBlog, more changes are to come in the 12th season of Idol. The blog reports that there will be no viewer voting until the Top 10. This presumably means the Top 12 and Top 13 rounds of seasons past may not happen anymore, or that viewers will simply have to wait until the Top 10 to cast their vote. With the judges being the sole deciders of the Top 10, it almost seems like the show wants to retain more control over the results.

Whatever the reason times, they are a’changin’. What do you think of this supposed voting change?

Source: MJsBigBlog