Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Photo: Simon Cowell Attends the 38th International Emmy Awards in New York City on November 22, 2010

Last night American Idol went off with a bang and our fingers are still tired from tweeting crazy Steven Tyler quotes all evening! While the show's premiere delivered on the sob stories, awe-inspiring auditions, and cringe-worthy contestants, did it seem like the episode was missing a certain something? Perhaps the presence of snarky judge Simon Cowell

Admit it: You were waiting for Simon to sneer at Ashley's shameless begging. Or for someone — anyone —  to make an actual jab at Tiffany Rio's star bra. So we have to ask: Does American Idol still have the excitement and intensity that keep us coming back season after season? Or is the show destined to flop without Simon?

That's a question for you to decide. Rock the vote, America!