Credit: Tony Duran/FOX Photo: The Idol Judges Are Walking on Sunshine

Last night’s American Idol episode featured a contestant with good math skills and a lot of singing talent, too. The giantesque, registered C.P.A. Steven Beghun — a.k.a. “Big Goon” — wowed judges with his rendition of the Script’s “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.” Steven Tyler told Steve that he found him “disturbingly great” and J.Lo was def surprised by the big man’s ability to bring the funk when it counted. But it’s no real surprise that Steve can sing. He’s by no means a musical beginner and actually sang in University of Wisconsin’s acapella group, the Mad Hatters, who created their own super cheesy video as a spoof of an MTV-style documentary.

Click below to watch the video, though don’t say we didn’t warn you about the cheese-tastic comedy. Still, you may enjoy it if you’re a big fan of gentle comedy and maroon blazers.

Source: Idol Chatter

Credit: Idol Chatter Photo: Pre-American Idol: Steven Beghun and His College Acapella Group