UPDATE: Travis was briefly back for Season 11 but was cut in the first round of Hollywood Week.

American Idol contestant Travis Orlando wrapped up last night’s American Idol premiere, and as anyone who watched the show knows, the fresh-faced crooner lived for a time in a Bronx homeless shelter with his family. His father had gotten sick and lost his job, and the Orlando family was left with few other options. Now they’ve moved out of the shelter — though Travis said they still live “from paycheck to paycheck” — but we think Travis is going to have a whole lot of options open up for him from now on. His audition on Idol was pure dynamite!

Particularly impressive was Travis’s swinging rendition of the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby,” which has added significance, since the show’s top 40 contestants will be headed to Las Vegas to perform in the Beatles-themed Cirque du Soleil show, Love. Here’s hoping Travis gets to repeat his audition on a Vegas stage!

Below you’ll see some pre-Idol footage of Travis belting out “Eleanor Rigby.” We think this kid’s definitely going places! 

Source: Idol Chatter

Credit: YouTube Photo: American Idol's Travis Orlando Performs 'Eleanor Rigby'