Credit: Michael Beckner/FOX © 2012Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Phillip Phillips in American Idol Season 11

When we saw Phillip Phillips during the March 8 American Idol results show, we were totally relieved. Earlier that day, the Idol finalist had to seek medical treatment, leaving his future on the show up in the air. We’ve now learned that he’s suffering from kidney stones, but his father assures TMZ that he plans to stick with the competition. Phew!

This isn’t the first time poor Phillip has had kidney stones. He’s had five procedures to remove them since October. In order to attend the results show, the adorable guitarist/singer chose to postpone another removal, opting to play through the pain.

Although Phillip told Ryan Seacrest that he was “fine” during the show, E! Online reports that he had to take a break backstage during one of the commercial breaks, which contestants don’t usually do on results nights.

Aww! That sounds miserable, but we’re impressed by his determination. As Randy Jackson would say, “Phillip’s in it to win it!”

Source: E! Online; TMZ

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