Credit: Michael Beckner/FOX © 2012Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: American Idol Season 11's Jessica Sanchez

While Phillip Phillips has already admitted that he won’t be making room in his jam-packed schedule for this season of American Idol, runner-up Jessica Sanchez is staying loyal to her Idol roots. Although the soon-to-be Glee star is busy working on her own music, including filming the video for her first single, “Tonight,” with Ne-Yo, she tries to fit the show into her schedule.
"I've been watching 'Idol' as much as I can cause I've been busy trying to focus on the album," Jessica told MTV. "I've been really, really busy and I've been trying to keep up with the shows and the contestants and I'm very, very excited for them ... [I'm] so, very, very excited for the new season. The judges are amazing, love Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey and all them."
While some alums prefer to remain “p.c.” by saying they love all the singers, Jessica admitted she does have a favorite, and that’s vocal powerhouse Candice Glover.

“That’s my girl from last year,” Jessica revealed. “But I hope a girl wins. I’m very excited for them. Yes, girl power!”

Jessica said she was hoping to break the streak of guy winners (six years running!) last year, and she was so close. Now she’s putting her faith in the girls of season 12, saying, “I hope a girl wins this year, just to give the girls some pride.”

Do you think a girl will win this season?

Source: MTV


Credit: YouTube Photo: Jessica Sanchez Gives Sneak Peek of Song From New Album (VIDEO)