Credit: Michael Becker/FOX Photo: Lauren Alaina Suddeth Struts Her Stuff on April 6, 2011

So, Season 10’s Lauren Alaina decided to perform Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman” for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week. It was a bold move for the sixteen-year-old — not only was she tackling the Queen of Soul, she was also taking on a young woman some might call the Queen of Idol: the multi-platinum-selling, Grammy-winning Season 1 champ, Kelly Clarkson.

Lauren received praise from the judges for her take on the song, although Randy did allude to previous outstanding versions from other contestants.

And with that one crazy whistle note, Kelly Clarkson became more than just a contestant — she became an Idol superstar. It’s a tough act to follow, even 9 years later. Check out the videos below, cast your vote, and let us know who sang it best: Lauren or Kelly?

Credit: YouTube Photo: Kelly Clarkson Sings "Natural Woman" on American Idol