Brooklyn resident Jessica Phillips rounded out American Idol Season 11 auditions in Portland, sharing her heart-wrenching story of unconditional love while we sobbed uncontrollably.

With tears streaming down her face, Jessica explained how her boyfriend recently had a stroke that left him with such severe mental damage he did not recognize her upon waking. Now a caregiver, Jessica works with her boyfriend daily on speech and physical therapy. "My life is different," she said with heartbreaking resolve. "Our love is different." Her boyfriend looked right at the camera and said, haltingly: "Honestly, I'd be nowhere without her."

Jessica sang Faith Evans' "Again," moving all three judges with her big, Beyonce-esque voice. Her boyfriend stood outside the audition room, catching her in his arms when she burst out, sobbing with happiness that she had been given got a ticket to Hollywood.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Jessica Phillips Sing Faith Evans’ “Again” in American Idol 2012 Portland Auditions on February 1