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Bridget “Jett” Hermano made it to the season’s Top 40 contenders on American Idol 2013, but she did not manage to rise any higher.

Raised in Seattle, Jett wrote on her Facebook page that she began private voice lessons at the age of 10. She also plays the piano and guitar, which has garnered her a tremendous following on YouTube. MJsBigBlog notes that she definitely has the potential to be a big hip-hop star, which should pique Nicki Minaj’s interest.

The Asian American singer released her first album through Seattle’s “Battalion,” a local entertainment group, and was the Viewer’s Choice Winner on local TV station KIRO 7. Take a peek at her Facebook page and you’ll see that she has worked with a laundry list of names in the music industry.

There are plenty of music samples for Jett online. Check out her singing the original song “Wake Up Call” below. As the judges might say, she definitely sounds radio-ready. Too bad she didn't make the Top 20!

Sources: YouTube, MJsBigBlog, Facebook

Credit: YouTube/Fox Photo: American Idol 2013 Top 40: Road to Hollywood - Jett Hermano



Credit: YouTube Photo: American Idol Season 12 Hopeful Jett Hermano Sings "Wake Up Call"
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