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This is the first year hopeful Juliana Chahayed has been old enough to compete on American Idol and she was lucky enough to make it to the Top 20 girls. That’s enough to give most of us a pretty big inferiority complex, but listening to this soft-spoken girl in her Road to Hollywood interview will make you realize she’s as humble as the day is long.
The West Hills, CA, native has siblings who are musicians. She is inspired by them and also what she calls her “positive outlook on life.” The 15-year-old hopeful plays the guitar and names Adam Lambert as her Idol inspiration because of his “amazing voice” and “bubbly” personality, saying, “He’s just so cool.” We couldn’t agree more!
The tiny singer, who has a Jewel-like space between her two front teeth, sat down with FOX’s Good Day LA to talk about representing SoCal and where she goes from here. Juliana said she’s still in high school, currently studying from home, and her friends are all very happy for her. She certainly seems calm for having an interview just prior to Hollywood Week but, as she put it, “I’m just taking it all in.”


Although Juliana didn't make it past the Vegas rounds, we are betting we'll be seeing her again during future audition rounds of American Idol.

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Credit: YouTube/Fox Photo: American Idol 2013 Top 40: Road to Hollywood - Juliana Chahayed (VIDEO)
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