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Melinda Ademi made it to Hollywood last year on American Idol Season 11. In American Idol Season 12, she returned with hope of redemption.


One peek at her YouTube channel will show you Melinda Ademi has plenty of songs to sample — and talent, to boot.
The 17-year-old Yonkers, New York singer (whose family is from Kosovo) was interviewed last year by while on the “Road to Hollywood.” She said she used to watch music videos on MTV while growing up (wait, they used to show videos?) and was inspired by all of the musicians she saw.
The young talent named rocker Allison Iraheta as one of her Idol faves, and Adele and Natasha Bedingfield as a couple of her musical muses.

Melinda called her run on the show last year a “once in a lifetime opportunity,” so we’ll see if this year propels her all the way to the top. She recently hinted at being a part of the show by tweeting about a Q&A with Idol’s own Ryan Seacrest. Sure enough, she managed to survive Round 4 of Hollywood Week with an amazing performance of Jessie J's "Price Tag," securing a spot in the Top 40

Sadly for Melinda, her performance in the Las Vegas rounds was not enough to move her any further along in the competition and she was eliminated.

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