Credit: Facebook Photo: American Idol Season 11 Contestant Reed Grimm Sings Into the Microphone

Reed Grimm’s sister, Jennifer Grimm, won a Dream Ticket for American Idol at DisneyWorld – and gave it to her talented little brother. Reed then auditioned for Season 11 in Pittsburgh with the theme song from Family Matters, “As Days Go By.”

Reed is from Ellsworth, WI, and has been performing onstage since the wee young age of 2, according to his Facebook profile. He lists his musical influences as The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Justin Timberlake, his family, and “love.” Reed attended the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, where he studied music and philosophy. Reed's dad died in 2005, and Reed somberly explains his father's influence on his musicality to  Pierce County Herald: “Growing up, he was fun and taught me a lot. I realized that when I first started being a solo performer, a front person for the band, just when I was coming into my own and when I could have learned so much more from him, he was gone.”

Despite his formidable solo audition for Idol, Reed is also in a band, Shoeless Revolution, and was formerly the lead singer of Three Beers Til Dubuque, according to The Tap Milwaukee. Speaking with The Leader-Telegram, on of Reed's bandmates says: "Reed is a really good singer, but his voice is different than a regular pop voice. But he's just so entertaining. He's got this massive personality. He's this huge force that just comes at you."

Sources: Jennifer Grimm’s Website, Facebook, The Tap MilwaukeeThe Leader-Telegram, Pierce County Herald

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Phillip Phillips, Reed Grimm, and Travis Orlando Perform in American Idol 2012 Hollywood Week on February 8

Auditions #2: Pittsburgh from on Vimeo.

Credit: Idols11 Photo: Watch Reed Grimm Sing the “Family Matters” Theme Song During the American Idol Season 11 Pittsburgh Auditions
Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Reed Grimm, Elise Testone, and Eben Franckewitz Perform “Night Has a Thousand Eyes” in American Idol 2012 Las Vegas Round on February 16
Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Reed Grimm Sing “Moves Like Jagger” in American Idol 2012 Semifinals on February 28