It felt like we were just getting to know the American Idol 2013 Top 9 before we had to say goodbye to one more contestant, leaving us with the Top 8. 


Some performances last night, even from fan favorites, were not the very best. Lazaro Arbos, who sang “In My Life,” was blasted by judges for what Randy Jackson considered a pitchy performance. Similarly, Paul Jolley’s version of “Eleanor Rigby” didn’t win him a lot of praise. Nicki Minaj considered to be a bland and safe choice for the singer, while Keith Urban said he didn’t feel like Paul connected emotionally with the song. Sadly, the performance was his last, and Paul was sent packing from the Top 9.


The standout last night by far was Candice Glover, who slayed “Come Together” with some serious attitude. It was also refreshing to hear an uptempo tune amid all of the ballads that were sung. Burnell Taylor came in at a close second with his effortless take on “Let It Be,” a song he surprisingly hadn’t heard before performing it on the show. He took the opportunity to put his signature sound on the track, which the judges commended him for. Amber Holcomb also gave a solid performance of “She’s Leaving Home,” receiving tons of kudos from the judges. She landed in the bottom three to the surprise of many, but we're glad she's sticking around to sing for another week.


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