American Idol 2013 contestant Adriana Latonio said she was proud to have the big state of Alaska supporting her. Unfortunately for her, her home state, while large, isn’t very populous and she didn’t make it to the Season 12 Top 10.

Voters don’t always listen to the judges, but they were so critical of the 17-year-old’s performance of Destiny's Child's "Stand Up For Love" during the girls’ semi-final round, it was hard to ignore.

“I’m a little worried that wasn’t the best song choice for you,” said Keith Urban, which was much nicer than the way Nicki Minaj put it. “After Angie, Amber, and Kree, I would just say that you work a little bit and come back next year,” she told the pint-sized singer. “I think the song was too big for you.”

Adriana took the criticism with a smile. Perhaps viewers agreed with Nicki, who said the high schooler just needed some more life experience.

When she returns to Alaska, Adriana will likely bring her heels, makeup, and jewelry, but that won’t stop her from fishing and four-wheeling, two activities she loves. Though we may not see her on Idol again next year, we’re sure she’ll still have the support of her her hometown of Anchorage, as well as of her extended family in the Philippines.

Were you surprised to see Adriana get eliminated?

Credit: FOX Photo: Watch Adriana Latonio Sing “Stand Up For Love” in American Idol 2013 Girls Semi-Finals