American Idol

Hollie Cavanagh

Age: 18

Hometown: McKinney, Texas

Sounds like… Yep, that’s the trace of a British accent. Hollie was born in England.

Sweet-faced Hollie Cavanagh auditioned for American Idol Season 10 and made it to Hollywood Week before being cut from the Top 40. Hollie is now back for Season 11 and has made it into the Top 13.

Hollie, 18, was born in Liverpool, England, but now hails from McKinney, Texas. In her Season 10 Road to Hollywood interview, Hollie says her brothers are her biggest inspiration “because they support me and are behind me one hundred percent of the way. She says becoming a singer is her “biggest dream.”

Hollie, who says she started singing after feeling the rush from performing at a talent show in middle school, also plays soccer for McKinney Boyd High School.

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