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Who Is Kree Harrison?
If you believed the online buzz before the season even started, Kree Harrison was considered to be one of, if not THE, American Idol 2013 frontrunner just based on her personal history and pre-Idol YouTube videos and recordings. Even though Kree's initial audition was not aired at the beginning of American Idol Season 12, she was already generating buzz as a potential winner before she ever performed on camera.

Singing and performing is certainly old hat to Kree, as she even went on The Rosie O’Donnell Show when she was eight to perform and returned three more times. In fact, Lyric Street Records caught wind of her talent and signed her at the age of 12. Already knowing she didn’t want to be Disney-esque but more country, she eventually split with the label. 

So it's no big surprise that the country singer — who hails from Texas but lives in Nashville, Tennessee — blew away the American Idol judges with her stellar vocals all season long.

“I would be very afraid if I were any of the other girls here tonight,” judge Nicki Minaj said after Kree Harrison's Las Vegas performance of “Up to the Mountain.”
As many have said over the years, country singers do tend to have heartbreaking tales to tell, and this beautiful girl has a doozie. She lost her dad to an airplane crash when she was a young teenager, and her mother died in a car accident only a few years later. She took to songwriting to express her emotions, and you’ll need some tissues handy to check out her emotional musical tribute to her late parents, “You Would’ve Wanted It That Way.

Kree Harrison's journey on American Idol 2013 Season 12
Audition: Kree Harrison auditioned for American Idol 2013 Season 12 in Oklahoma City, OK. Her audition video was not aired on the show during the audition rounds. She was given a golden ticket to move on to Hollywood Week
Hollywood Week A Capella Round: During the ladies' Hollywood Week, Kree Harrison's performance for the a capella round was not shown. She was moved on to the group round.
Hollywood Week Group Round: During the ladies' Hollywood Week, Kree Harrison performed with the group called "The Dolly Chicks" with Britnee Kellogg, Brandy Neelly, and Haley Davis. Brandy Neely was cut from this round, but Kree and the other girls in the group were moved on to the solo round.
Hollywood Week Solo Round: During the ladies' Hollywood Week, Kree Harrison performed "Stars" by Grace Potter and impressed the judges enough to earn a spot in the Top 40.
Top 40/Las Vegas Round 1: For her solo performance in Las Vegas Round 1, Kree sang “Up to the Mountain” by Patty Griffin. She received a standing ovation from Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj, as well as universal praise from all the judges. She is picked to move on to the Top 20.
Top 20/Semi-Finals Round 1: Kree followed up her impressive performance last week with another stunner, taking on Faith Hill's "Stronger" during the girls semi-finals. Keith Urban gave her another standing ovation, and Mariah Carey noted that Kree could definitely make it in the music industry on her own, even if she does not make it to the next round of American Idol.

Semi-Finals Results Show: Kree Harrison was chosen as one of the Season 12 Top 10. She performed “Evidence” by Susan Tedeschi as her victory song.

Top 10 Week: Kree chose to sing Roy Orbison's classice tune "Crying" for the Top 10 performance show, which the judges loved. Keith said he could listen to Kree sing the phone book, while the other judges agreed that she has a readily marketable sound and look.

Top 9 Week: 

Unlike her fellow American Idol contestants, Kree Harrison seemed like a seasoned vet taking on a Beatles song. She sang “With A Little Help From My Friends” on the American Idol 2013 top 9 performance show, and the judges loved it. As Keith Urban said, “You’re just all the cool things about country.”

Normally the group numbers make us cringe a bit, but Kree Harrison joined Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur, and Angie Miller for a stunningly beautiful performance of the Beatles’ “Here, There, and Everywhere” during the American Idol Top 9 results show. 

Top 8 Week:

Not many singers can take on Aretha Franklin and live to tell about it, but that’s just what Kree Harrison did during Top 8 week. She performed “Don’t Play That Song (You Lied)” during the American Idol 2013 Top 8 Motown week and showed us that her future could easily include her being a diva. While Randy Jackson didn’t think it was a perfect performance, he still thinks she’s one of the best, and Nicki Minaj applauded her unwavering confidence.

Kree Harrison joined her fellow Top 8 American Idol hopefuls for a cringe-worthy (sorry, but it’s true!) group performance of Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll.” While her part of the Top 8 American Idol results show group song was stellar, Kree doesn’t seem all that comfortable shaking her groove thing. 

Top 7 Week:

We’d been dying to hear Kree Harrison take on a little Janis Joplin, and we got our wish during the American Idol 2013 Top 7 performance show. The country/bluesy phenom took on “Piece Of My Heart,” and the judges loved it. Randy Jackson said she showed she can rock the stage, while Nicki Minaj called the performance “magnificent!” Keith Urban was the only one who felt she was holding something back, which made Kree reveal she was suffering from a painful pinched nerve...not that we noticed! 

Taking on one of the most overdone songs in the show’s history, the American Idol finalists took on Queen’s “Somebody To Love” for the Top 7 results show. Thankfully, it wasn’t as painful as we thought, and Kree is always a bright spot in any group number.

Top 6 Week:

For American Idol Top 6 week, round 1, Kree Harrison gave us a tender rendition of “What The World Needs Now” by Burt Bacharach/Dionne Warwick. Mariah Carey was so impressed, she said “that’s ridiculous,” while Nicki Minaj joked, “If you’re not performing at the Country Music Awards next year, then my name isn’t Onika Tanya Maraj”. It is? Needless to say, Kree knocked it out of the park.

Kree Harrison moved us once again with her moving rendition of “Help Me Make It Through the Night” for her round 2 pick on American Idol Top 6 performance night. The judges felt it, too, and Keith Urban paid her one of the highest compliments a country singer can get, saying he predicts that she’ll be a member of the Grand Ole Opry one day, calling hers “real country music.”

It has to be said – with Lazaro Arbos still in the competition, the group performances are simply shameful, and the American Idol Top 6 results show group performance of “That’s What Friends Are For” wasn’t much of an exception. Luckily, Kree shone as brightly as she possibly could.

Top 5 Week:

The normally judge-pleasing Kree Harrison had a couple missteps with her performances during Top 5 week of American Idol. She first took on Susan Tedeschi’s “Hurts So Bad,” and the general consensus was that the country seemed a bit disconnected from the song. Randy Jackson thought she redeemed herself with her second performance, “White Shade Of Pale,” but Keith Urban still felt like the performance didn’t draw the viewers in.

Now that we’re down to the Top Five, the group performances don’t want to make us hide our heads under the couch cushions. In fact, the Top 5 girls did a “diva medley,” surrounded by some hunky male dancers, that was downright impressive. Kree, as always, was perfection.

Top 4 Week:

For her Top 4 American Idol performances, Kree Harrison went out on a bit of limb. She dared to take on Carrie Underwood’s “See You Again” mere weeks after the season four winner took the Idol stage to sing it, herself. The risk paid off, as the judges, with the exception of Keith Urban (who has been hard on Kree!) loved it. For her standard, Kree sang “Stormy Weather,” and the judges wished she had chosen something that would have showcased her bluesy side more.

For the Top 4 American Idol results night, Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb, Angie Miller, and Candice Glover hit the stage to perform “Crazy In Love” from the highly anticipated film The Great Gatsby. We actually enjoyed it and – call us crazy – but we like the addition of the dancers this year.

Top 3 Week:

Kree Harrison’s Top 3 performances for American Idol were all over the map. While the judges were absolutely blown away by her moving rendition of Rascal Flatts’ “Here Comes Goodbye,” they weren’t very fond of her rendition of P!nk’s “Perfect” or The Band Perry’s “Better Dig 2”. In fact, Nicki Minaj said whoever chose the latter should be “stoned.” Ouch!

Kree Harrison, Angie Miller, and Candice Glover did what they could with Selena Gomez’s “Who Says” but it was downright awful. They paraded the stage and shook hands with fans, which made it even more schmaltzy.

American Idol Finale Week:

There was a lot on the line for Kree Harrison during the American Idol 2013 finale, as many had been putting their money on Candice Glover. The country/bluesy artist didn’t disappoint, however. Her rendition of “Angel,” despite it being a horrible song choice by Simon Fuller, was lovely. Her original song, “All Cried Out,” was touching and, as Keith Urban said, “tailor made” for the singer. And her reprisal of “Up To The Mountain,” which everyone was highly anticipating, was perfection.

Sadly for Kree, despite her stellar track record on the show and great performances during finale week, she lost out to Candice Glover in the final American Idol 2013 voting results.

- Marnie Brodersen

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