American Idol’s Angie Miller Laughs Off Comparisons to Miley Cyrus — Interview
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American Idol’s Angie Miller Laughs Off Comparisons to Miley Cyrus — Interview

When Nicki Minaj pointed out Angie Miller’s similarity in looks to pop starlet Miley Cyrus on American Idol this week, it was hardly a shock to her. (Or to us, since we paired her with Miley in our American Idol celebrity look-alikes gallery this season.) Apparently everyone and their brother thinks Angie and Miley could have shared the same parents.

Thankfully, Angie doesn’t seem to mind the comparisons, and even said in a group press interview after the performance show this week that she used to be a huge Hannah Montana fan!

What did you think of the Miley (Cyrus) comparison?

I get that every day of my life. I'm not kidding. Every day. So many times. On Twitter. Everywhere. So I'm very used to that so when she said that I was, like, "Okay. I was expecting that at some point in the competition.

Are you a Miley fan?

I mean, I loved her… when I was into Disney, I was just all about Hannah Montana. That’s when it all started. When I started watching Disney that’s when it all started.

Did you have a blonde wig?

I actually had one once as a joke. I wore it once. I think it was for Halloween or something.

We need to see a picture of that.

No you don’t. It was terrible. But yeah I get that all the time. They say I even talk like her. I don’t know. I guess.

Just don't get a Mohawk.

I'm not going to cut my hair and bleach it any time soon.

Well, while we really woudl kill to see Angie wearing that blond wig, we are glad she's not planning to buzz off all her hair!

05.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Lindsey Jordahl
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