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America’s Got Talent Audition: Rong Niu Juggles Bowls on a Unicycle!

Rong Niu has a unique, traditional performance act with a twist. Her dream is to make the next round. Her mom juggled balls, which prompts a whole conversation about how ridiculous Mel B sounds with her accent saying that. We’re not sure if flipping bowls onto your head on a unicycle is a million dollar act.

It is a very
tall unicycle. She balances a bowl on her head and then on her foot while cycling with the other foot. And then starts flipping bowls onto her head with her feet... first one, then lots of them at once. The judges actually stand up halfway through and Mel B even closes her eyes. This act ends up being way cooler than it seems like it would be by the end... Rong Niu starts crying a bit at the end and says she was very surprised by the amazed reaction.

Judges: Mel B says it was amazing. Howie Mandel says it was a “feat” and she is beautiful and talented. He loved it. Heidi Klum says she was sweating right along with Rong Niu and she loved her doing the trick in white pumps. Howard Stern says he thinks she was crazy and “fearless” — the best thing he’s seen all day. Huge yes votes from all the judges and Rong Niu’s wish has come true!

Do you think Rong Niu is the new big thing deserving of her own Vegas act?

06.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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