America\'s Got Talent 2013 Auditions: Team Rock and Cheerleader Darby!

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America’s Got Talent 2013 Auditions: Team Rock and Cheerleader Darby!


In this video from America's Got Talent tonight, we have two acts for the price of one: the Team Rock karate stunt group and five-year-old cheerleader Darby!

America’s Got Talent Audition: Team Rock Karate Stunt Group

These auditions are flying by so fast we can’t even type them up! We barely get to see these guys, but they do a couple of cool karate tricks like breaking stuff with their body parts and then it’s on to the America’s Got Talent judges for a top speed critique. All the judges love them and they are through to Vegas!

America’s Got Talent Audition: Kyle and Darby the Amazing Five-Year-Old Cheerleader

Here is the tiny cheerleader we saw in the preview for tonight’s show and she is pretty amazing! Just a tiny tot, Darby flies through the air like a pro and does crazy stunts in mid-air! However, we have to say — if this was our kid, we would be totally terrified she’s hit the floor head first! Four yes votes, they are going to Vegas! And by the way, Heidi Klum just picked up Howie Mandel in her arms like a baby. Seriously!

Do you think tiny cheerleader Darby or Team Rock has what it takes to win a million bucks?