America’s Got Talent 2013 Finals Week 1: Who Got Eliminated? 9/11/13
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America’s Got Talent 2013 Finals Week 1: Who Got Eliminated? 9/11/13

We don't know how on earth anyone is supposed to choose which six of the remaining 12 performers on America's Got Talent 2013 Finals Week 1 will move on to the next round. But somehow, after last night's amazing performance episode, America has chosen. So set your watch and get ready for our recap of the results show.

The first two acts called to the stage are Chicago Boyz and Kenichi Ebina. This one is no shocker, right? Of course, Kenichi Ebina gets the nod, although it is tough to see the talented and spirited Chicago Boyz go home. And Mel makes it clear that the Chicago Boyz's departure shouldn't be blamed on any particular mistake that they made last night.

Next up, Cami Bradley and Innovative Force are up, and Cami Bradley goes through. Okay, not a big shocker. Heidi says she is very sad for Innovative Force, but she says that Cami does deserve to go on.

Okay, now is where it gets interesting! The next two to the stage are dun dun dun! the KriStef Brothers and Taylor Williamson. Hold on what?! We thought both would probably move on. And Howard did, too, as he is livid that one is leaving. As it turns out, Taylor Williamson gets the spot. Talk about a stunner! We'll miss you and your short shorts, KriStefs.

It's time for the opera stars to go head-to-head, with Forte and Branden James both in the spotlight. It's not a huge shock that Forte gets picked, but it is a bummer to say goodbye to Branden. And how mad did Howie get when Mel randomly smacked him in the head? The dude was not pleased!

It's getting down to the wire, with D’Angelo and Amanda facing off against Jimmy Rose. It's precocious go-getters versus the super-relaxed guy who likes fancy pick-up trucks. And the pick-up truck fanatics can rejoice, as Jimmy Rose is moving on. Jimmy then shares a moving remembrance about 9/11.

And now, the last battle: Catapult and Collins Key. Hmmm we like-but-don't-love them both. But which will get the final spot? It's Collins Key! Wowzers. Howard is surprised, saying that Collins still needs to make his show more exciting. Sorry, Howard the Key-pers have spoken, and this is Collins' time. (Get it "time"? Because he did a trick involving a watch?)

America’s Got Talent 2013 Finals Week 1: Who Got Eliminated? 9/11/13
Credit: NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

So here are the six acts that we'll see next week:

Kenichi Ebina

Cami Bradley

Taylor Williamson


Jimmy Rose

Collins Key

And these six were sadly sent packing:

Chicago Boyz

Innovative Force

KriStef Brothers

Branden James

D'Angelo and Amanda


There you have: The final six. We're pretty bummed about a few of those getting sent home, including Chicago Boyz, KriStef Brothers, and Catapult. But we still think that the remaining six are all kinds of talented. And now we can't wait to see which one will be crowned the winner next week! The suspense...

09.11.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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