Who Is America’s Got Talent 2013 Finalist Forte?
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Who Is America’s Got Talent 2013 Finalist Forte?

Opera trio Forte has a magical way with harmonies, which has helped the group become an America’s Got Talent 2013 Top 6 finalist. So where did this talented group of singers come from?

The group actually had a surprising journey to get to where they are now. When the group first auditioned, it consisted of three tenors Fernando Varela from Puerto Rico, Hana Ryu from South Korea, and Josh Page from New York who had met face-to-face only a few days prior to the audition, and had first met online only a few weeks before that.

Their audition was a smash success, but then the unthinkable happened: Hana had visa issues and had to quit the group. Noooo! Luckily, another tenor, Sean Panikkar, was able to be subbed in for a seamless transition.

The group hadn’t performed together publicly prior to AGT, but one of the members in particular has a little experience with the spotlight. Josh, who is currently 23, became an internet sensation when he was randomly plucked by Josh Groban out of the audience at his show in Madison Square Garden. Together, the two Joshes did a suberb onstage duet of “The Prayer.” Talk about the right place at the right time!

When Fernando saw the YouTube video of Josh and Josh, he then reached out to Josh Page who has also won a singing contest hosted by producer David Foster to sing for 6,000 people and the rest is history. Forte has knocked the judges’ socks off with their mix of opera standards and pop hits like “My Heart Will Go On,” but will they be the king(s) of the world? We shall see!

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