America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Auditions Round Two — Danger, Danger! (VIDEOS)
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America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Auditions Round Two — Danger, Danger! (VIDEOS)

The America’s Got Talent 2013 auditions tonight for round two of Season 8 are going to have to be truly amazing to wow us after some of the wild acts last week! Honestly, the America’s Got Talent auditions for the Season 8 premiere was way more fun to watch than the auditions for American Idol this year, that’s for sure! Let’s hope the acts are just as crazy and fun in our live America’s Got Talent recap tonight as they were last week!

From the America’s Got Talent spoilers preview for tonight’s episode, we already know there will be the usual singers, dancers, random unexpected opera singer, and some questionable acts we’re not sure yet what is going on. While we love the really great singers and dancers, we have other competition shows for those kinds of acts.

What we really love is the totally out there performers that you never see on TV anywhere else except
America’s Got Talent.Included in these this week — in our favorite ‘danger acts’ category — are a sword swallower and some guy who freaks out the America’s Got Talent 2013 judges by climbing a tiny pole way into the air for some reason. We’re guessing it may possibly be an aerial balancing act.

Will he fall off and plunge to his death? Probably not, but there is always that very slim possibility that keeps us hanging on the edge of our seats.

So which act will wow you on America’s Got Talent tonight or move you to tears? Stay tuned with us for our live America’s Got Talent 2013 recap launching right here, on this very page, at 9 p.m. ET!

To kick off the evening we have a brief review of last week’s auditions, including crazy levitation man Special Head and even crazier David the Cobra Kid. We also have a sneak peek of what’s coming up tonight and we can’t wait to see which act is going to freak us out the most on America’s Got Talent tonight!

After we wave hello to the judges, it’s time for the first America’s Got Talent 2013 audition of the night!

Travis Pratt (Singer): Travis’s girlfriend made him audition for AGT, so at least someone believes in him. He is one of those “surprise” opera singers that looks like he is going to sing something else entirely and then BAM it’s opera. It’s kind of a repetitive gimmick on America’s Got Talent every year.

Judges: Howard Stern thinks Travis is a total freak, but that’s not a bad thing at all. The judges are loving this guy all around. Mel B. thinks he is absolute perfection. Howie asks Travis’ girlfriend to come out on stage and... oh my! Travis just proposed to his girlfriend on America’s Got Talent! If she’s said no that would have been, well, embarrassing... but thankfully she says yes. She’s not the only one — all the judges say yes too and Travis is through to Vegas.

Next up we have some romance in the air with a couple of couples on stage. The first is an acrobatic duo that does some very cool balancing moves. The second act is a ballroom dance couple that give a great performance, but nothing we haven't seen many times before.

Ruby and Jonas (Dancers): Just nine and ten years old, this tiny dancing couple is really quite astounding to watch. If you can actually not kind of go “awwwwww” at the cuteness, there may be something wrong with you.

Judges: All the judges are on board, it’s pretty easy to see. Mel B wishes she had their kind of talent and Heidi didn’t want to dance to end. Four yes votes all around and they are headed to Vegas.

D’Angelo and Amanda: It’s another tiny dancing duo with this 12 and 13 year old. Again it is amazing to see kids so young be so talented on their feet. They are certainly fabulous for their age, but we’re not seeing a Las Vegas million dollar act here.

Once again the judges are slobbering over the cuteness of these kids. Howard Stern says these two are the reason he came To San Antonio. Heidi thinks they were totally spot on. Looks like we have another couple of kid dancers going to the next round!

Mariachi Nuevo Estillo AVM (Mariachi Band): Say the name of this act three times fast! Like Howard Stern, we express disbelief that this act is going to win us over, but as they promised, by the end we’re almost trying to sing along to their totally fun version of “Sexy and I Know It” and “Apple Bottom Jeans” — too awesome!

Judges: Despite saying he isn’t a mariachi band fan, Howard says he totally loved it. Mel B. wasn’t sure what to expect out of this act, but she’s grooving on it too. Love all around from the judges and it’s on to Vegas for this group!

Pistol Packin’ Paula (Weird): It’s about time for a terrible act and here she is! Paula comes out shooting and nearly has the America’s Got Talent judges diving for cover! She doesn’t seem to really have much else interesting with her act, except an attempt to whip host Nick Cannon, and she’s soon smothered in Xs from the judges. No Vegas for you!

Brad Byers (Sword Swallower): We saw quite a few clips of this guy out there in the America’s Got Talent 2013 previews for this week’s episode. Now THIS is an edge of your seat kind of act. We’ve all heard about sword swallowers, many of us have seen videos of it or even maybe seen it live. But there is just something so mind-blowing about watching a guy put a giant sword down his throat that freaks you out every time. And this guy goes for nine swords in total! Plus, he has an x-ray machine to prove the swords are real and he really is shoving them down there!

Judges: Needless to say, the judges are feeling Brad! Howie says danger acts are a staple of entertainment and this is an awesome one. Howard is all over this one too. Mel B. actually says the act scares her and doesn’t want to see it again — and gives Brad a no! Heidi is a yes thought, so it’s on to Vegas for the sword guy.

Collins Key (Magician): Collins’ parents love his love of magic and they are his biggest fans. Collins’ trick is a deceptively simple one. He gets a popcorn bag from backstage, asks Howie Mandel to read out the serial number from a dollar bill and notes that no two dollar bills have the same serial code. Then somehow, he pulls that dollar bill from the popcorn bag. Not that thrilling to us... but it is kind of cool.

Judges: Howie thinks Collins just walked into his future as a magician at just 16 years old. The rest of the judges agree and it’s Vegas for Collins!

Megan Piphus (Ventriloquism): Despite finding ventriloquism in general kind of creepy, we do like Megan and her story of using her art to overcome being shy. She sings with her puppets and she actually has a pretty nice voice too. A million dollar act? No. Adorable and sweet? Yes!

Judges: Heidi thinks Megan has real star quality as an act. Howard Stern is also a fan and thnks Megan has a stellar singing voice along with her ventriloquist talents. It’s a yes for Megan, who will now have to pack up her little friends and head to Vegas.

Jonathan Allen (Singer): Jonathan was thrown out by his parents when he was 18 because he’s gay. He turned to music to escape from the hard knocks of his life. Howie says Jonathan needs to show his parents what they are missing and he comes right out and does just that! He’s really good and we’re surprised he hasn’t shown up on The Voice or American Idol before.

Judges: Howie says the America’s Got Talent judges are his family now and welcome! Mel B. said he was confident and made her just melt. Pack your stuff Jonathan, you’ll be moving to Vegas for now!

Alexandria the Great (Escape Artist): Now we finally move back to the ‘danger’ acts with a rare female escape artist. She’s 51 years old! This was her hobby back in the day, but she took a break to raise a family and pursue a career as a teacher. Now she wants to prove she still has it — and she does! She does a scary wild escape trick wrapped in chains and shackles underwater for over a minute and a half!

JC Starbright (Singer): JC takes the cake as the act we least needed to see tonight on America's Got Talent 2013. He says he passionately loves songwriting and wants to be the next Lady Gaga. We can only hope he really does know how much of a joke he is and that he doesn't seriously think he's good. The judges are slamming their buzzers in mere moments, but Nick Cannon jokes that JC has a hit record n the making and he joins him on stage for an encore with his shirt pulled up to expose his belly. It's just weird. And thankfully, we won't have to see this guy again.

Andrew Ward (Storyteller): We aren't quite sure if this guy really thought trying to tell a ghost story was going to win him a million dollars and a Vegas act, but that's apparently what he decided to do. It was a fail and the judges just weren't buying it.

Sam Johnson (Danger): We aren't quite sure what to label this guy's act, but it is certainly nerve-wracking! Sam climbs up an 80-foot pole to do a handstand on top, in the wind, with NO safety harness. If he fell, he could easily die, or at least break some things in a pretty nasty way. The pole wiggles back and forth while he is climbing but he ends up doing the stunt and pulls it off! Simple, but scary!

Judges: Howard Stern loves the danger and says they need to have this guy on the show stat! The other judges are certainly behind him on this one and it is an easy four yes votes to move Sam on to Vegas.

Paul Thomas Mitchell (Singer): We close out the night on America's Got Talent 2013 with the 'sob story' of the evening. Paul has had a rough time of it growing up. His mom was a drug addict and left him and his Dad. His Dad stays sober to make sure his son can have a good life and pursue his dreams. Paul sings an original song he wrote called "My Life," and it's a beautiful thing!

That's a wrap for our America's Got Talent Season 8 recap for the second week of auditions. Hope you enjoyed!

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