America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Chicago Auditions! 6/18/2013 (VIDEOS)
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America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Chicago Auditions! 6/18/2013 (VIDEOS)

Are you ready for some more amazing America’s Got Talent 2013 auditions tonight? We are! America’s Got Talent Season 8 judges Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Howard Stern and Mel B travel to Chicago, IL tonight on a quest for a million dollar Las Vegas headlining act. Will they find the next astonishing superstar performer in the Windy City? Join us for our live America’s Got Talent recap and find out!

On America’s Got Talent tonight, Chicago shows off it’s finest fabulous acts and forgettable fails as we sift through thousands of auditions for those lucky few who will move on to Vegas. This week, the America’s Got Talent auditions will only be one hour long, rather than two, so there is a lot to pack into a single episode!

So what can we look forward to tonight in our America’s Got Talent 2013 recap? Well, from the spoilers for tonight’s show, it looks like a wide variety of different acts this evening — although we do seem to be missing out on any hot singers or wild danger acts. There will be a dancing robot, an old weight lifter, a gymnastics team, an adorable tiny cheerleader, a dog act, and a few other oddball tidbits. Hopefully, one or more of them will be way cooler than they look in the previews... since quite a few of them appear a bit tame for our taste.

Ready to see what kinds of crazy will go down on America’s Got Talent tonight? Join us right here at 8 p.m. ET for our live America’s Got Talent 2013 recap with performance videos from the show!

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We kick off the show tonight with a mini-recap of what’s previously happened on America’s Got Talent 2013, including crazy levitating man Special Head and that snake guy that freaked us out. Then we launch into a mini-preview of the acts on tonight’s episode, including a tiny cheerleader and some sort of karate gymnastics group.

America's Got Talent Audition: Omega Force Strength Team

Up first is a team of weightlifters, including a dude that is over 70 years old and lifting a crazy amount of weight. We’re afraid he is going to have a heart attack on stage. Then another of the guys breaks a whole huge column of bricks. The team pulls Nick Cannon out to the center of the stage next for another man to bench press him like he’s riding a crazy mechanical bull.

Judges: No Xs from the judges and Howard Stern says the team is inspirational for making people think about going out there and trying things they’ve never done before. Mel B says they are entertaining and have a bit of comedy, a very family show. Heidi Klum said she had “so much fun” watching these guys and she loved it. Howie Mandel says they look like “Power Rangers 30 years later.” While he was entertained, the presentation just didn’t do it for him. All the judges but Howie vote yes and the Omega Force Strength Team is moving on to Las Vegas! Howie decides he is going to get in on the act and picks up one of the ladies and starts spinning her around!

America’s Got Talent Audition: Team Rock Karate Stunt Group

These auditions are flying by so fast we can’t even type them up! We barely get to see these guys, but they do a couple of cool karate tricks like breaking stuff with their body parts and then it’s on to the America’s Got Talent judges for a top speed critique.

Judges: Howard Stern says from one karate master to another, they are going through to Vegas!

America’s Got Talent Audition: Kyle and Darby the Amazing Five-Year-Old Cheerleader

Here is the tiny cheerleader we saw in the preview for tonight’s show and she is pretty amazing! Just a tiny tot, Darby flies through the air like a pro and does crazy stunts in mid-air! However, we have to say — if this was our kid, we would be totally terrified she’s hit the floor head first!

Judges: Four yes votes, they are going to Vegas! And by the way, Heidi Klum just picked up Howie Mandel in her arms like a baby! Seriously!

We’re back from a commercial break and a scan through the crazy acts in the waiting room. We visit with a dancing dog act and then move on to a dance-ish performer who does “dance, marital arts and mime” together. Oh dear. We’re thinking this is not going to go well.

America’s Got Talent Audition: Dance-ish Guy Kenichi Ebina

Amazingly, this guy is actually crazy awesome! We’ve never seen anyone dance-ish like this. It’s like he’s on strings, or a built with robot parts. Some of these moves just look physically impossible! We are sorry we pre-judged you from your intro, Mr. Dance-ish Kenichi Ebina Guy!

Judges: The America’s Got Talent 2013 judges are up on their feet. Heidi Klum says he has control over his body that is insane. Mel B says it was was “off the chain!” Howard Stern says he could watch this “magnificent” guy all day long. Howie Mandel says it is the best dancing they have seen yet. It’s four yes (well, and one yes-ish from Howie) votes in loud succession and he is through to Vegas!

America’s Got Talent Audition: Deanna DellaCioppa

We do have a singer tonight! Fiery redhead dog rescuer Deanna, 39, does not, interestingly enough, have a dog act. Instead, she’s a singer. But she says she always lacked confidence because she wasn’t “aesthetically what you’re supposed to be” because of her weight. She is performing a song from Dreamgirls and she has a pretty killer voice although we’re going to have to say it sounds just a little bit strained. A bit overdone, but still decently entertaining. The crowd seems to love her way more than we do though because they are on their feet throughout. Maybe it just sounded better in the studio. At the end of the song, poor Deanna breaks down in tears at the applause.

Judges: Howard Stern says her emotion came through on stage and that’s what he looks for in a singer. Heidi Klum says she is a “powerful woman with a powerful voice” and she loved it. Mel B says this girl can sing, but she needs to protect it because she was afraid it was just going to snap. Howie Mandel says he thinks that song is going to change her life and she has a great voice and heart. It’s a yes from all and Deanna is going to Vegas.

America’s Got Talent Audition: Steve Price aka Sprice

Hmmm. we seem to have weird stormtrooper robots on screen now. Nick Cannon says it’s the “world of weird science” time. Steve Price aka Sprice, builds Rube Goldberg machines. (Wiki it here.) He has built a very large machine thing that runs a chain reaction of things happening. He’s been setting up his machine in the lobby for the past three days. The America’s Got Talent judges and audience crowd out into the lobby. Nick Cannon pushes the first domino to make the whole thing go. It’s got all kinds of wild parts... and you just have to watch it for yourself!

Judges: The judges watch the whole time with astonishment as it runs all the way through to the end. High fives from Nick Cannon and the whole crowd is yelling “Sprice, Sprice, Sprice!” Howard Stern loves this kind of thing and his “mind’s gotta be something else.” Heidi Klum kind of insults Sprice by saying it was “really simple” and “really anyone can do it if they have the brains” but she loves the act. Mel B loved it too and though it was “very unique and creative.” Howie Mandel loves it too, but he puns that very calm Sprice should ‘tone down the excitement level and lay off the caffeine.’

America’s Got Talent Audition: Rong Niu

Rong Niu has a unique, traditional performance act. Her dream is to make the next round. Her mom juggled balls, which prompts a whole conversation about how ridiculous Mel B sounds with her accent saying that. We’re not sure if flipping bowls onto your head on a unicycle is a million dollar act. It is a very tall unicycle. She balances a bowl on her head and then on her foot while cycling with the other foot. And then starts flipping bowls onto her head with her feet... first one, then lots of them at once. The judges actually stand up halfway through and Mel B even closes her eyes. This act ends up being way cooler than it seems like it would be by the end... Rong Niu starts crying a bit at the end and says she was very surprised by the amazed reaction.

Judges: Mel B says it was amazing. Howie Mandel says it was a “feat” and she is beautiful and talented. He loved it. Heidi Klum says she was sweating right along with Rong Niu and she loved her doing the trick in white pumps. Howard Stern says he thinks she was crazy and “fearless” — the best thing he’s seen all day. Huge yes votes from all the judges and Rong Niu’s wish has come true!

That's a wrap for our America's Got Talent 2013 recap tonight! Which acts did you love and which ones do you think shouldn't have made it through?

06.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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