America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Chicago and San Antonio Auditions! 7/2/2013 (VIDEOS)
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America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Chicago and San Antonio Auditions! 7/2/2013 (VIDEOS)

Welcome back to Chicago, where the America’s Got Talent judges continue to search for the best acts to bring to Las Vegas. We start with 17-year-old Kelsey, who dances an adorable pas de deux with her dog, Bailey. The pair shake it to “We Go Together” from the musical Grease, and the crowd goes wild.

“How can you not love this,” Heidi Klum exclaims.

“It was absolutely adorable,” said Mel B.

“The dog dance is better than the spice girls,” said Howard Stern, drawing a playful evil eye from Mel B. Kelsey and Bailey get four seals of approval for Las Vegas.

Next up we see a montage of acts, from a family of 14 taking the stage by storm with a flurry of basketball tricks and high-rise unicycling to a young female singer, with everyone passing on to Las Vegas. The clip ends with a group of dancers who perform while holding LCD screens for a unique multi-media performance.

The following featured performer is 19-year-old David Ferman, a juggler with a taste for danger. His act includes fire and gasoline, a potential recipe for disaster, but he knows that’s what makes it interesting.

“It’s usually what America want’s to see, so that’s what i’m bringing tonight,” he says.

The highlight of his act is balancing a Molotov cocktail on top of a balloon using a stick held up by his mouth. The judges all hid as he popped the balloon and caught the flaming bottle with said stick. Having succeeded in not blowing himself up, David then dumped the molotov cocktail triumphantly in an oil barrel.

“You're the first guy to come out here and risk my life, which is a twist,” Howard said ruefully.

“I want more danger, I want to see more,” said Mel B. “Bring it!”

The judges all agree he’s a star, and David gets to move on to Las Vegas!

Next up, the Chicago Boyz acrobatic team wowed the judges with lots of back flipping and jump roping, even using the youngest member of the group as a human jump rope at the end. They got a standing ovation from the judges. “From start to end, it wasn’t only unique, it was captivating,” Mel B decalred. “It was something I’ve never seen before.”

Winning the award for cutest duo of the night was 10-year-old duo 2Unique, made up of one rapper and one DJ. They ran through a medley of hits, ranging from RUN DMC’s “It’s Tricky” to the Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow”

Young talent continued to take the spotlight, as we shuffle through a montage of acts like a young singer and a group of elegantly precise Chinese dancers.

While the judges reject one singer/songwriter, 18-year-old Sully Dunn manages to squeak through to Las Vegas. Armed with a guitar covered in stickers, this ball of nervous energy impressed and confused the judges with his anti-college song.

“There’s something weirdly, quirkily, extremely likeable about you,” Mel B said.

“You are so weird and wonderful,” Howie Mandel said. “You’re a star. I really think that you're a star.”

Howard was the only one to disagree while the rest of the judges gave Sully the green light.

Another singer took the stage next, 34-year-old opera singer Branden James. Openly gay with conservative mother, he’s eager to impress the judges. Thankfully, he manages to do just that, receiving a standing ovation from all four of them.

“I had goose pimples all over my body,” Heidi told him, as Branden received approval from the entire panel.

The episode wouldn’t be complete without a collection of train wrecks. First we meet cat trainer Trevor Stone, who goes by “Spontaneous Art”. But when a giant mechanical cat (or a couple of people in a giant cat suit?) takes the stage, we know we’re in for it. The humongous feline proceeds to cough up the biggest furball we’ve ever seen, and then poops on stage (fake, of course). “We’ve lost control,” Howard laments, as we also get an eyeful of a wrestling sideshow act with a giant baby, and a surly comedian who makes one lame Kim Kardashian joke before getting vetoed by the judges

To cleanse our palates, we get sassy samba teacher Enrique, who gets the judges and the entire audience on their feet.

We then move to San Antonio, where singer/guitarist Dave Fenley blows the judges away with his bluesy version of Alex Clare’s “Too Close” and moves on to Las Vegas. Next up, Dylan Wilson, a self-taught dancer who learned his moves from “the internet,” wows everyone with some serious pop-and-lock skills.

“You went from a regular kid to hot and sexy when you started dancing,” Mel B tells the 17-year-old Indiana native, and he’s on his way to Las Vegas.

Sadly, the studly dancers of Hunk O Mania’s International Men of Steel didn’t fare as well.

“I think for a ladies it’s a yes,” Heidi declares with a huge grin. “I would like to see more you.” Mel B has her back, but Howie and Howard refuse to change their negative votes.

Next up, 52-inch-tall rappers Lil Mike and Funny Bone, together Mike Bone, perform an catchy little tune called “Rain Dance.” Their moxie and humor charm the judges, and they get the green light for Las Vegas.

We close with rock band The American Hitmen, a quartet of musicians who met while serving in the Iraq War. The judges give them a standing ovation, with Howard calling them “true contenders” for the top prize, and they easily pass through to Las Vegas.

That’s a wrap for now! What did you think of tonight’s performances?

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