America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Fifth Live Show! 8/20/2013
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America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Fifth Live Show! 8/20/2013

It's time for the recap of the fifth and final night of live performances on America's Got Talent, featuring the last group of 12 performers from the top 60! Hang onto your hat!

Here'e the full list of artists performing tonight: Sprice, Catapult Entertainment, The Virginia State University Gospel Chorale, D'Angelo & Amanda, Dave Fenley, Duo Resonance, John Wing, Melody Caballerro, Ruby & Jonas, Unique, Sam Johnson, and Selena Mykenzie Gordon.

The first act is the Virginia State University Gospel Chorale, which performed Madonna's "Like a Prayer." The judges fully enjoyed the performance, with Mel B calling the harmonies "spot-on," and Howie calling it the best gospel group he's seen. But Howard questions whether America would vote for a gospel choir. C'mon, Howard have a little faith!

Red Panda has been mysteriously axed from the competish, so ten-year-old contortionist Melody Caballerro takes her place. Howie finds it to be more of the same, but Howard calls it "simply fantastic," and Heidi is impressed that Melody seems boneless. Apparently, "boneless" is a good quality to have both in contortionists and in appetizers at Chili's.

Next up we have rocker Dave Fenley and his impressive facial hair. He does an admirable job singing "Trouble," with Howard calling it "beautiful." Musical youngsters 2Unique do their best on Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" and MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This," but the judges aren't exactly blown away, feeling that the duo got lost on the massive stage.

We always love it when people defy death better them than us, right? and daredevil Sam Johnson's act is no exception. We get nervous when we have to stand on a chair to change a lightbulb, so we loved his routine, involving a precariously placed pole and the loss of one top hat. But a few of the judges didn't find it dangerous enough.

America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Fifth Live Show! 8/20/2013
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The judges are blown away by husband-and-wife acrobats Duo Resonance, finding the pair to be extremely sexy. No argument here. And D’Angelo & Amanda impressed with their paso doble, earning a standing O from the judges, with Howie and Howard both calling it "perfect." And how cute was D'Angelo's onstage message to his sister? Best big brother ever!

Fifteen-year-old singer Selena Mykenzie Gordon is next, but she botches her performance, and the judges let her know. The judges also accuse her of not being honest about the fact that she wasn't her best. Harsh!

Comedian John Wing does his "angry" schtick — as the judges describe it — but the judges all seem impressed, including Howie, who offers up a standing O. Even Heidi, who is notoriously tough on stand-ups, gives John her seal of approval. (Oops — we didn't mean to use the word "seal" while talking about Heidi.)

Things get explosive with Sprice and his elaborate toppling display. If nothing else, Sprice's show provides an answer to what you can do with all those empty water jugs that gather at your office. Howie loves it, but Mel B calls it boring. Howard is also a little underwhelmed, and says it's something he would see at a computer convention. Perhaps Sprice should try handing out free T-shirts like they do at computer conventions.

Mel B was a bit harsh on the other pair of kid dancers, Ruby & Jonas, calling it "a bit too cheesy" and visually over the top. Howard doesn't think it was their best, but Heidi gives it a ten. Say whatever you want about their dancing, but how adorable was their speech after their performance? We give them a 10 just for squeezability.

And it appears that the best was saved for last in the form of shadow puppetry Catapult Entertainment, whose performance pays homage to the children of Sandy Hook is set to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Heidi calls it the night's best act, and Howard says they are definitely going through. Talk about high praise!

So who did you think was tonight's best act? If it were up to us, we would guess that Catapult Entertainment, Dave Fenley, Duo Resonance, and D'Angelo & Amanda would move on to the next round.

But who will you vote for? Let us know who resonated with you!

08.20.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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