America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Finals Week 1! 9/10/13
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America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Finals Week 1! 9/10/13

Set your watch, as it's time for our recap of America's Got Talent Finals Week 1, in which the Top 12 perform to see which six will move on! But y'know no pressure or anything. So let's see which act will be named the king (or queen!) of the world.

The first act performing tonight is Chicago Boyz, who wow us again with their complicated jumprope routines. The judges pick up on the fact that there were a few stumbles during the performance, which Howard says could cost them. But Heidi is still a big fan.

Next is Branden James, who sings a powerful version of "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. We feel that the song has maybe been covered by too many people in recent years, but there's no denying Branden's power. Heidi is impressed, saying that he's better than he was last time, but Howard realizes that Branden's fate depends on how well Forte does. So we shall see.

It’s time for Innovative Force, who use trampolines from some sort of futuristic, laser-shooting mountain. Trippy. Howie is concerned that they come off as just like cheerleaders, but Mel calls it their best performance yet, and Heidi calls them an inspiration. Frankly, we think the girls might want to refrain from complimenting their own “beautiful blue eyes,” as they did this week. Just sayin'!

The KriStef Brothers give what we think is their most clever performance to date, as they create a how-to video for how to become them. Needless to say, it’s a hoot! Howard holds up his index finger to say that this is the first act that he’s guaranteeing will go through to the next round. High praise! Even Heidi can’t stop standing up to applaud them.

America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Finals Week 1! 9/10/13
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D'Angelo & Amanda impress to an extent with their tropically themed footwork, although they acknowledge that the competition is stiff. And Catapult Entertainment didn’t do its best last time, but they bounce back this week with a moving storyline about bullying. Seriously, how cute was the little tongue on that dog?! (Answer: Too freakin' cute.) Howard is convinced that the group will go through, and Mel calls it magical.

It's 1997 all over again as Forte tackles the Titanic classic, "My Heart Will Go On." It definitely brought back images of Baby Leo DiCaprio for us (swoon), and we weren't the only ones, as Howie and Howard share a tender, "king of the world"-style embrace. We think this trio is definitely going through, and so do all of the judges, who are especially blown away by their harmonies.

America’s Got Talent 2013 Recap: Finals Week 1! 9/10/13
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Next is Taylor Williamson, cracking jokes about his grandparents being first cousins. Howard really wants him to move on to the next round, and even Heidi says Taylor is growing on her in a fungus-like manner. But before Mel can give her seemingly negative opinion, the other judges won't let her speak. Hey, three out of four judges ain't bad, right, Taylor?

Collins Key continues to be polarizing. His magic act involving Nick Cannon's (ridiculously expensive) watch was neat, but we're not sure it's enough to get him through. When you have to tell the viewers what the best part of your act is (as Collins did about the matching times), that's a bad sign. Howard says the act dragged, but Mel was wowed. Frankly, we just like performances in which stuff gets smashed with a sledgehammer.

It's no surprise that Kenichi Ebina was on top of his game yet again, as he performs a majestic dance where he's apparently flying to heaven. We completely love Kenichi, and the judges do, too. Howard says he'll definitely be in the top two, Howie says he's the most talented guy ever, and Mel calls it "flawless."

And now it's the final two acts, who are both singers. Jimmy Rose gets so-so reviews from the judges, although we do love that pick-up truck. And Cami Bradley does a killer rendition of "Livin' On a Prayer." All the judges feel her voice is beautiful, and Howard calls her an "excellent discovery" whom he thinks will go through.

All in all, we feel there were several clear standouts, including Kenichi, Forte, KriStef Brothers, and Cami, but everyone is great. We were expecting a bit more from Collins and Chicago Boyz, and the fact that Howard doesn't think either of them will go through could hurt them with voters. Plus, is Taylor mainstream enough to make it to the top six? And is America no longer in awe of Catapult?

Long story short, we can't wait for tomorrow's results show! And yes, we suppose our heart will go on, even if our favorites get cut. But let's not test it.

09.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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