America’s Got Talent 2013 Semifinals: Who Got Eliminated? 8/28/2013
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America’s Got Talent 2013 Semifinals: Who Got Eliminated? 8/28/2013

We can't believe we have to say goodbye to six talented performing acts from the Semifinals Round 1 on the recap of tonight's America's Got Talent results show. We want them all to stay! Well, maybe all of them except for a certain backside-obsessed rapper. No offense, buddy.

First, the episode kicks things off with an impressive performance by The Voice Season 3 winner Cassadee Pope, who performs the single, "Wasting All My Tears," from her upcoming album, which drops October 8. Cassadee who is a birthday girl today! had some helpful advice for the show's contestants, saying, "After the show ends, that's when the real hard work begins."

Then, it's time to make some cuts. The first three acts called onto the stage are Innovative Force, Tone the Chiefrocca, and Red Panda. The act who's moving on to the finals is Innovative Force, and Heidi says they put on a "fantastic show last night." We agree, but we're just relieved that Tone is finally exiting stage left.

The next three acts coming to the stage are Duo Resonance, Jonathan Allen, and Forte. No surprise that Forte are the highest vote-getters of this group and advance, with Howie boldly predicting, "I think these guys are going to win this entire competition." We think it would mean a little more if Howie didn't say that about basically everyone, but we appreciate his enthusiasm.

America’s Got Talent 2013 Semifinals: Who Got Eliminated? 8/28/2013
Credit: NBC © NBC Universal, Inc    

It’s time for Angela Hoover, Taylor Williamson, and Collins Key to take the stage, with Collins Key getting the nod. But all hope is not lost for the two comedians, as Taylor Williamson moves on as well. So it’s two cute guys who are moving on! No complaints here.

Time to freak out: It’s a few lads known as One Direction, who got their start on The X Factor and perform “Best Song Ever.” We’re thinking we’d be millionaires if we owned stock in the hair product they use. (They use a lot of hair product, is what we’re trying to say.) We’re also looking forward for our ears to eventually stop ringing from the audience cheering them on.

The final three performers are Dave Fenley, Catapult Entertainment, and Cami Bradley. Cami Bradley is moving on, with Howie saying that a “star is born.” And of course, Howard mocks Howie for that. Howard also adds one wild-card choice to the mix. Deciding that we're short on magicians, he goes with Leon & Romy.

Now, it’s up to the judges. Mel goes with her apparent bestie Dave, while Howard and Heidi want Catapult. It’s all up to Howie, and he too chooses Catapult, although he warns them not to try to do too much. And so Catapult Entertainment is the final act going through!

So here are the six acts who are moving on to the finals:

Innovative Force


Collins Key

Taylor Williamson

Cami Bradley

Catapult Entertainment

Leon & Romy

And sadly, here are the six who were eliminated:

Tone the Chiefrocca

Red Panda

Jonathan Allen

Duo Resonance

Angela Hoover

Dave Fenley

So are you shocked with who America chose, or is this who you expected? We're a little surprised that Innovative Force and Collins Key made it over Duo Resonance and Dave Fenley. Does Collins Key really have a new type of trick up his sleeve? We're not so sure, but we'll give him another chance, since he is adorable. And he might be reading our thoughts at this very moment.

Check out our recap of last night's Semifinals Round 1 performance episode here!

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