America’s Got Talent Star Crashed Car Into Tree, Feared For Life: Report
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America’s Got Talent Star Crashed Car Into Tree, Feared For Life: Report

Do you remember Horse on America's Got Talent? His real name is Zac Gordon, but he found fame last year for, um, going balls-out on AGT, letting himself be kicked or bashed in the nether regions over and over. It's a good thing he has a high tolerance for pain, 'cause TMZ has photos of him in the hospital, wearing a neck brace after a reportedly serious car accident.

According to TMZ, Horse was driving in Harrisburg, PA on Saturday when a deer ran in front of his car. He swerved to avoid the deer but lost control and crashed into a tree. He told TMZ he hit the tree so hard the car flipped over. "I legitimately thought I was going to die." Yikes. But he may be indestructible, since he was taken to the hospital with a possible concussion, sore neck and scratches but he was released later that night with no major injuries.

We’re glad to hear he’s OK ... but one TMZ commenter doubts this story. “I live near Harrisburg....there are plenty of deer around outlying areas, but he'll never hit a deer in Harrisburg or its close suburbs. And there was absolutely NO press coverage of this accident - we're a small enough area that even minor incidents get a blurb in the newspaper. So I am calling BS.”

So cynical! But we’re not in Harrisburg, so for all we know, this person is right. It would be doubly weird to make up a story like this, but either way, it's good to know Horse isn't seriously injured.

Source: TMZ

05.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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