America’s Got Talent 2013: Who Got Sent Through? 7/31/13
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America’s Got Talent 2013: Who Got Sent Through? 7/31/13

After an intense night of acts — ranging from dancing, singing, and death-defying stunts — it's time to find out who the lucky four acts are that will be moving on to the semi-finals.

The first group of contestants to receive their verdict were the dance groups, which consisted of Aquanuts, Innovative Force, and Struck Boyz. Innovative Force was lucky enough to have bested their dancing rivals, shutting out the little guidos and the synchronized swimming team. "It feels amazing," one of the Innovative Force members said.

Heidi, who really supported the team last night, was thrilled and congratulated all the girls. She said she wasn't surprised since they are so talented in both dancing and acrobatics.

Brad Byers, Kid the Wiz, and Dave Shirley were next to hear their verdict. In a not-so-shocking turn of events, none of these groups were put through to the next round. The judges thought Brad needed more showmanship, Kid the Wiz dropped his hat during a so-so performance, and they said Dave didn't wow them either.

The next group of contestants to face elimination were country singer Marty Brown, sword swallower Alexander Magala, and singer Ciana Pelekai. Mel B insisted she couldn't choose who would go through, but America did. They put through Marty Brown! This is quite shocking, since he crashed and burned last night, but Mel B did say he had a huge following on Twitter, so we shouldn't be surprised. Howard Stern even voiced his opinion, saying he was "shocked" and that he "didn't measure up" to Ciana.

The last bunch of contestants to hear the news was rapper Tone the Chiefrocca, impressionist Angela Hoover, and opera trio Forte. With two spots left, it was bad news for Tone the Chiefrocca. That's right, America put through Forte and the judges split their votes between Angela and Tone, with Angela receiving more support from America.

All we have to say is B-Double O-T-BYE!

07.31.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Carson Blackwelder
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