America\'s Got Talent 2013: Who Got Eliminated? 7/24/2013
America’s Got Talent 2013: Who Got Eliminated? 7/24/2013
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America’s Got Talent 2013: Who Got Eliminated? 7/24/2013


Grab your Kleenex! It's time for the very "special" goodbye to eight talented acts on tonight's recap of America's Got Talent 2013 Season 8, Week 8, Night 2. So take off your straightjacket, draw an eye on your forehead, and don't step in dog poop.

Last night’s first live performance show from Radio City Music Hall presented a slew of talent, so we know we’re in for some painful cuts. The episode begins with three acts being told that one of them was moving on, but then all were shockingly sent home all at once: Aaralyn + Izzy (cue the scream!); Kevin Downey, Jr.; and Alexanderia the Great.

Then, another three set of performers were brought up and quickly given the boot: Special Head, Fresh Faces, and Hype. Howie was shocked by another three performers heading home, calling this “unprecedented.” Howie said Fresh Faces had a bright future ahead of them, Hype got “swallowed” up by the big stage, and Special Head “blew it.”

Finally, we got our first good news in the form of the Kristef Brothers moving on. “White man with an afro!” Nick exclaimed, assessing the source of their appeal. Then, Nick had one more from this bunch of three performers, pushing Collins Key onto the semis and bidding farewell to Tellavision. “I think that America did the right thing,” Heidi said about Collins. Keypers rejoice!

There were now three performers left, with two of them moving forward. We learn that opera singer Branden James got to advance, with Howard praising Branden for his “emotion, power, talent” and saying he’s “ready to win.” Also celebrating is Anna Christine, meaning it was curtains for American Hitmen.

So here are the eight acts who were eliminated:

Aaralyn + Izzy

Kevin Downey, Jr.

Alexanderia the Great

Special Head

Fresh Faces



American Hitmen

Were you sorry to see any of them go, or could you easily predict which four would move on? And if you did predict all four, we'll assume you're probably feeling swagalicious right about now.